What's in here?

A learning system that intends to shift education from a conventional approach focussed on results to a method-oriented, activity-driven approach through an impeccable experiential learning platform.

Learning Programmme

This is a combination of the best of both worlds: real and virtual. The Experiential Learning App paves a sequential pathway to learning with pre-recorded video lessons, live assistance, practice tests, doubt clearance and more! The Experiential Learning Kit is packed with visual, read/write, and hands-on learning tools to suit every kind of learning style.

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Well-organised workshops are conducted by acclaimed soft skill and personality development trainers to help children build their confidence, develop their communication skills and uncover their true potentials through fun and thought-provoking activities.

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Candule is a capsule course designed primarily for students preparing for their board examinations. With question papers from the previous 5 years, detailed explanation of answers, doubt clearance, individual assessment and counselling, it helps the students ace every exam, confident and stress free!

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