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The conventional learning methods which we have been following for years is a one-style-fits-all approach. This puts burden on the children as it pushes them to learn in a style that doesn't suit them. Experiential learning, on the other hand, gives varied opportunities to the child with visual and auditory tools, hands-on-learning, and also some read/write elements from the conventional system which we cannot do without.

While the conventional learning methods focus solely on academic excellence, experiential learning helps in the development of your child's overall personality through a myriad of activities designed to bring about enhanced confidence through soft skills training and more.

We have adopted a blended system of learning with the best of virtual and real world elements. While the classes are pre-recorded, there are regular live pool sessions and weekly mentoring and guidance programmes.

The live pool sessions are available every Saturday and Sunday. You may choose a time slot of your convenience for the same.

Yes, the App has been formulated after years of research by academicians and subject experts. So the classes, notes and other content provided in the App match the respective curriculums and help children to score better in school-level, board and competitive examinations.

There is an option called 'Raise a doubt' at the bottom right corner of the learning page. Type in your doubts whenever they arise. You will get a response from the concerned subject tutor within 24 hours.


No, only the registered mobile number can be used for logging in. The alternate number is collected for internal purposes only.

No. This is to ensure that the child remains focused in classes and doesn't get distracted.

No, downloading or taking screenshots of any of the App content is prohibited, pertaining to our security policy.

Please contact us on the IVR number provided or use the support email ID to get in touch with our technical team.

Yes, in the slightest of chances that you aren't satisfied with the App, you may request for a refund within 15 days of registration with a valid reason.

Once you scan the QR code, you will be redirected to the official webpage of Candela Learnings. Watch the product explanation video provided there, for better understanding of the experiential learning system.

It is the holder used for placing the work boards.

There are 6 work boards for each subject. You can either use the marker provided to write or draw on them, or you can place the study stickers for easy memorisation.

They are the spaces provided for you to learn and practise.

Contact the customer care number to know the tracking details for your ELP order.

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