The 'Candela' Ideology

Our learning system is nothing like you've heard, seen or experienced before. Even when it has all the elements that would help children perform better at academics, it doesn't make them feel restricted to just the system. It allows them to ideate, explore, experiment and most importantly, experience learning. We also focus on inculcating in them, the values of compassion and empathy towards fellow beings. Candela Learnings is a technology-driven initiative with a 'human' soul to it!

Our Pursuit

To help young learners grow up to become ambitious go-getters who don't feeling dejected during times of failure, instead rise stronger after every fall.
To prepare them for life, not just examinations!

The Vision of Revolution

We are here to bring about an educational revolution, that invokes in every child a love for learning. Their skills will speak for them; their confidence will become their identity. We dream of a future where our Candles shall illuminate the world around them!

The Candela Tales

We wanted to make learning fun and engaging. It's as simple as that! So, we got together the right people, resources, and ideas to bring about what we dreamt of. And here we are, letting children explore, experience and then adopt a learning style that suits them perfectly, without curbing their curiosity, without pushing them beyond limits, by letting them just be!