Experiential Learning Programme

Welcome to an all-new world of Experiential Learning.
Let's get rid of the boring conventional rote learning system and embark on an exciting learning journey filled with beautiful experiences!

Experience subject concepts firsthand and immerse yourself in this journey of learning through seeing, listening and doing, apart from reading and writing. To bring out the best in you, learn the way you'd like it to be!

A Learning App that has much more than you could ever imagine! If you don't believe us, come check out this easily-navigable, vibrantly-designed, technically-sound learning App that makes learning a joy ride. With everything from video lessons, notes, tests, solutions, doubt clearance, and performance indicators in one place, you now know your go-to place for learning. Apart from academic lessons, the in-App Ignito sessions help you set targets, manage stress associated with exams, follow a timetable, and discover hidden talents. A cartload of fun activities, puzzles, and brainteasers also await you! So, wishing you 'happy learning' with an App so comprehensive!

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An Experiential Learning Kit that's going to be the best gift you ever received! Here's a package that comes home to you loaded with stuff that'll change the way you learn. Set up a cosy study corner, lay the study boards on the wall, paste the study stickers, start journaling with the Candle's Handbook and practise your lessons with the subject workbooks. Gifting you an all-new learning experience with this 'magical' box!

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Ignito is a module that's so very special because it traverses beyond academics into the world of soft skills. Through fun yet insightful games and activities, children set goals for themselves, work towards them, and grow up to become confident individuals ready to take on the world! By following the stress and time management techniques imparted to them during these sessions, they learn to manage and excel in both academics and extracurricular activities. And most importantly, we help them attain emotional intelligence and become empathetic and inclusive of the world and people around them.

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A few from the whole lot of features

Doubt Tickets

Don't shy away from asking doubts coz you've got unlimited doubt tickets anyway!

Work Station

Wouldn't it be great to have all your lessons, notes, and tests at one place?

Work Books

Ample practice questions and workspaces for you to perfect your learnings!

Hand Book

Your companion for life. Jot down, visualise, and achieve!

Study Stickers

The more often you see it, the easier you remember! Otherwise complicated concepts made easily memorable.

Study Corner

Set it up with elements from the kit and transform it into a space of your own!

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Some Frequently Asked Questions,
Do you have 'em too?

Why is experiential learning necessary?

Studies show that the first time you read something casually, there is only 10% chance that you'll remember it. For you to be able to remember it, you need to put in extra focus and effort. But if you experience something firsthand, there is 90% chance that it gets registered in your mind then and there subconsciously. So, it is high time, we changed the way we learn through reading and by hearting and start to gain experiences so that concepts stay with us for life!

We have been following the conventional educational system for ages! Now, why should we opt for a change?

When everything else about the way we live has changed from olden times, why should we stick on to a learning system that's outdated and doesn't bring forth our best self? Why should we learn through a strenuous system when we have a system where we can enjoy and learn?! This experiential learning system is the culmination of years of research and is bound to help the child grow holistically rather than focusing solely on academics.

What are the advantages that I'll gain if I join this programme?

First of all, your learning style will be identified by our learning style specialist via an online interaction. Depending on whether you are a visual, auditory, kinaesthetic or read/write learner, or maybe a mix of all these, a customised lesson plan will be created for you. So you learn in a way that's solely made for you, which is going to make it easier, enjoyable and effective for you. Secondly, through this programme, apart from developing your academic skills and performance in exams, you get to work on your soft skills such as communication and public speaking, creative thinking, goal setting, problem solving and a lot more through our super-fun Ignito sessions. They'll be a breath of fresh air and will give you a new perspective on how to approach learning and life, at large.

Is experiential learning only needed for high school students?

No, the realm of experiential learning is centred around K-12 education, i.e from Kindergarten to Grade 12. If children are exposed to the experiential learning model throughout school, it is going to shape their total personality and help them grow up to be academically-brilliant, emotionally-intelligent, futuristic thinkers. We currently host this programme only for high school students. However, work is in progress and will soon be available for students of lower grades.

Is this completely different from what I learn in school? So will I have to learn two different things now, adding to the burden?

No, this experiential learning system is built around the current and updated CBSE and SCERT syllabi. So, you don't learn different things, but you just learn differently! The same concepts are taught to you in more engaging patterns to help you retain these concepts and excel in examinations. Moreover, the skill Development sessions will boost your confidence greatly. Therefore, this system aims at eliminating the burden involved in studying and promotes mental wellbeing.

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