Is this enough? A survey for the better future of our children

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What is the right path to education?

How can we provide effective education?

Are the current learning methods enough for our children?

Is the current curriculum a burden to them?

These are the questions that pop up in our minds almost all the time we think of our wards. We all undoubtedly agree that our children are our future, but that hope is not a selfish one for only our children. It’s a hope for a better world, a better environment, and better human beings. This is how the questions arise: Is this method of approach enough?

The world is moving at lightning speed. When you think the world has reached this level, it goes to the next level. Unfortunately, even though we have a wide network of information through the internet, we are never able to trace the pace of the world’s reach.

In the past, we were only concerned about the unavailability of information, but in today’s time, there is information in plenty. The crisis is gathering the right information and processing it to acquire logical enlightenment.

At Candela Learnings, these questions and crises were the main concern for us. Hence, we decided to ask for people’s opinions. We travelled through Kerala with our team to meet people from all levels of society.

We went to everyone we met on the road: students, teachers, parents, auto drivers, sweepers, and all the ordinary people walking around each place we went.

At the beginning of this journey, we all thought that most people would be in harmony with the education system. Because when we compare it with other states, Kerala is the most literate state. In that case, everybody should be satisfied with the current education system. Surprisingly, most of the answers we received were against our hypothesis.

When we approached people, we began with a single question most of the time: “Is this education system enough for all our children?”

The first person we started with reluctantly replied, “NO.” It was a shock for us. He continued his answer by explaining how the studies are a burden and pressure on kids, how kids are not getting enough time for physical activities, how our curriculum is restricting them from following their passion, etc.

We continued our journey in different districts of Kerala with the questions we had in our minds. It was a shocking fact to find that almost 80 percent of the people are very dissatisfied with current methods of learning. More than 10 percent of the people are hopeful about the progress we are making, and they are expecting changes soon. Only 10 percent of the people we talked to were completely satisfied with today’s curriculum.

Knowing this fact itself was shocking to us, but people elaborately explaining the faults in the system without taking any steps to change it was an even bigger shock. Candela Learnings, Asia’s first experiential learning platform, would love to work hand in hand with each of you towards making a change. Let’s together bring about a change.

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