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“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”

Albert Einstein

Education is the most important thing for a child born today. Attending school is a fundamental part of every student’s life. Education is free and mandatory for every child. Governments all over the world are aware that every penny spent on education is the future’s capital. It delivers development and prosperity to both individuals and countries. Education is a prime component in bridging the gap between the haves and the have-nots. As of 2018, the number of enrolled students in government and private schools in India was 250 million. Bloomberg reports that India will overtake China as the world’s largest workforce by 2050. Hence, today’s youth must accelerate if they want to keep up with the pace of change. In today’s educational system, preparing students for a competitive global labour market is the main challenge.

When we talk about the global market, the most pressing concern is whether our educational system can prepare our children for it. Keeping up with the global population requires an adequate educational system for Indian students. They must be schooled to be global citizens rather than citizens of a local geographic community, state, or particular nation. We live in an era when quality education is arguably more important to one’s life chances than ever before. Most schools in India still follow an exam-centric study method. Although India is a hotbed for exceptional talents, India cannot rely on this method for long. A study by German psychologist Ebbinghaus revealed that students forget up to 95% of what they learn in school after three days. It happens because our brain deletes unnecessary pieces of information. This should be a significant worry and must prompt us to reconsider what we teach in schools. The existing learning methods have proven inadequate for this purpose. There must be an alternative learning method to replace it. When we think about learning methods, what pops into our mind is a teacher taking classes or a student studying by reading a book. Both of these depict the traditional learning system. What if an alternative system existed that would help kids learn more efficiently and help them remember what they learned?

This is where Candela Learnings introduces you to experiential learning. As the name suggests, experiential learning refers to learning by way of experiencing the knowledge we are trying to learn. In the Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle stated that “for the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing or experiencing them.” How can we learn by experiencing things? In the traditional learning method, when we study animals, the teacher shows us images of animals. When we learn the same thing through experiential learning, we visit a zoo. This creates an imprint in our minds and gives us a better idea about things. Candela Learnings is Asia’s first such learning platform to offer experiential learning, which facilitates the learning procedure. Candela brings forth the most effective and engaging learning app that actualizes an authentic learning experience. We know the importance and necessity of experiential learning in this century. Hence, we have carefully arranged the syllabus so that the students can easily get hold of it. Experiential learning is the future and an alternative to the existing learning system. So, equip yourselves for the future with Candela Learnings.

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