IGNITO: Kick a start to breaking stereotypes

Candela Learnings is one of the best all-in-one educational platforms, where we focus on experiential learning for knowledge seekers. Our primary goal is to create and promote a meaningful environment for student participation, build a user-friendly online environment to encourage student involvement, and boost their data-driven ideas. To instil smart learning and enhance their soft skills, we host a series of workshops called IGNITO for students, parents, and teachers that guarantee academic and behavioural assistance to the learners through engaging lessons on goal-setting, organisational skills, and confidence building.                             

Our instructional designers seriously debated whether the benefits and opportunities that smart technology is bringing to the realm of education were sufficient for Candles. At Candela, we place equal importance on a student’s emotional and social well-being as we do on their academic progress. The foundation of IGNITO for our Candles is based on the idea that to succeed both academically and personally, students must be in good physical and emotional health. Through shrewd programmes chosen by our Pillar Candles, IGNITO steps up to illuminate its educational pursuits. 

In this digital realm, parents frequently strive to comprehend, relate to, and meet the emotional and academic demands of their kids. We must provide parents with the tools they need to raise empowered children. Parents could offer their children the best upbringing by ensuring a healthy atmosphere in which they can develop and be who they are. The goal of IGNITO for parents is to assist them in securely managing their children’s emotions and requirements, as well as participating in their intellectual development.

Now let’s talk about teaching. One of the beautiful but most difficult professions is teaching. Teachers must have the authority to acknowledge and appreciate the lessons that kids pick up from their families, communities, and cultures. They must also give students the chance to explore, learn, and grow. For our student-parent-teacher collaboration plan to be successful, all three parties must work together in the age of blended learning. In the constantly evolving educational environment, it is crucial for teachers to have a thorough knowledge of efficient teaching techniques. In order to aid teachers excel at what they do, which is teach, IGNITO specifically visits them.

The activities and events of IGNITO are led by our energised team of professional instructors from India, whom we call Pillar Candles, with a vibrant group of students who have charted their paths to skill development. Our Pillar Candles efficiently enable learners with the one-day workshop’s various exciting exercises for self-discipline, goal-setting, soft-skill mastery, breaking barriers, handling stress and emotions, and active learning suggestions. In addition, IGNITO offers self-discovery workshops to help learning enthusiasts become more flexible, self-assured, and adaptable.

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