Candela Learnings: Learning Through Experiences

Candela Learnings is one of the best online education platforms for knowledge seekers. Learning aspirants can receive high-standard and unique experiential learning via our educational apps. We expect to equip our students to grasp quickly and thoroughly while getting the best results out of them. Through our interactive online sessions, young minds are piqued, and their objectives and prospects are satisfied. One of our primary goals is to provide a high-quality education at a low cost to all types of students.

As we know, according to psychology, the concentration level of an individual is 20 minutes, and our sessions are scheduled accordingly. The learners will receive a thorough indication of what they will learn at each session. Their education is accessible from anywhere at any time through these online classes, and the overall layout of the classroom could give them a sense of being in a real classroom.

We mainly aim to put forward an indefinable learning app in which we ensure the availability of an integrated curriculum that makes provision for students to delve into the depths of knowledge and acquire pure essence. It expands the child’s ability to apply learned theories to other circumstances. This ultimately aids in preparing children for their future education, career, and general way of living.

The developed edtech facility, which synchronises education and technology, is also an indispensable feature of our platform. Edtech is an improved and impactful way of learning that designs more appealing, creative, and personalised learning experiences. It aims to enhance understanding, increase engagement, and improve outcomes.

Our foremost priority is to encourage and uplift growing youth by providing necessary online learning classes that guarantee experiential learning. These classes include Kerala state syllabus online classes, which are now in demand.

We also provide Candela’s experiential learning kit, which differentiates us from others. It is inclusive of a workbook, candela journal, study corner, and stickers to help youngsters with their academics. These are assisting them not just with their academics but also with their mental wellness and helping them develop fresh ideas. Our experiential learning kit could demonstrate to our Candles how academic knowledge and personal development can make a positive impact on their lives.

Additionally, to promote smart learning and help high school students enhance their talents, we are offering a series of workshops called IGNITO. The programme guarantees academic and behavioural support for the candles by offering interesting and lively classes on topics like public speaking, time management, goal setting, and confidence development. We have succeeded in being a notable learning partner to blossoming students as a top-quality learning app in Asia.

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