Mental health issues in children

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Mental health is frequently regarded as an adult concern. Mental disorders can develop in childhood. Anxiety disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorder, depression, other mood disorders, eating disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder are a few examples. Poor attendance, challenges with academic achievement, poor social integration, difficulty adapting to school, problems with behavioural observation, and attention and concentration issues can all have an impact on classroom learning, all of which are crucial to the student’s success. Children in high school who test positive for psychosocial dysfunction have three times the number of missing and tardy days as students who do not identify problems. These diseases may also force students to prioritise their academics over their health, which will result in poor health outcomes. As a result, their health will deteriorate even more.

Symptoms of mental health issues, with a few exceptions, are identical to sensations that every kid experiences, such as melancholy, rage, distrust, enthusiasm, withdrawal, and loneliness. The distinction between a disease and a normal sensation is the amount to which the feeling gets so overwhelming that it overwhelms and interferes with regular living activities or causes the kid to suffer. As a result, clinicians must apply considerable judgment to identify when specific thoughts and feelings cease to be a normal component of childhood development and instead indicate a problem.

Candela Learnings, Asia’s first experiential learning platform, believes that a child’s development is built on more than just academic capacity; we try to develop a child as a better human being with complete physical and mental health. According to statistics, the majority of people who struggle with mental health concerns had childhood traumas.

Many activities and strategies have been incorporated into our specially-built system to assist each child in addressing their emotional and physical wellness. We incorporated a personal tracker so that youngsters could keep track of their physical and emotional well-being. We are adamant that mental health concerns be handled as soon as possible. Children’s mental health issues are genuine, widespread, and treatable. Even though mental health illnesses in children are becoming increasingly widespread, nearly two-thirds of them receive little or no help. Children’s capacity to perform at home, school, and in the community might be hampered by untreated mental health concerns.

How do you diagnose mental health issues in children?

  • Observations
  • Specific interview and evaluation methods are used.

There is no test that can confirm a mental health disorder diagnosis. Doctors use an interview with the child or teenager, observations of parents and teachers, and observations made during the office visit to evaluate whether a mental health condition exists. Doctors may refer a child or teenager to a mental health care practitioner who has been trained to diagnose and treat mental health issues in children and adolescents. To evaluate the kid, these practitioners may employ specifically created interview and evaluation methods.

Candela Learnings designed a parents-teachers-students trio for each Candle’s complete growth. We also have an extra academic programme called “IGNITO,” which is completely designed from this viewpoint. “IGNITO” is a complete personality development programme that is specifically designed for each member of the trio. Students will get benefited from this programme as their surroundings will be healthier through this programme. If a kid has emotional or behavioural issues, parents and family members are generally the first to notice. Your observations, together with those of teachers and other caregivers, can help you decide whether your child requires assistance. Together, let’s create a better environment for our little candles.

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