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For a bright future and career, learning isn’t enough. We should also be aware of our aptitudes, skills, and competencies. Candela Learnings could transport our Candles to a scientific and unique learning environment where they can spread their wings and fly high into the sky. Let’s explore experiential learning in more detail.

 The process of learning through doing is known as experiential learning. Students are better able to relate concepts and information taught in the classroom to actual circumstances when they are involved in practical activities and reflection. It involves teachers actively engaging students in hands-on learning and focused reflection in order to advance information, hone skills, and clarify concepts.

Students who take advantage of experiential learning opportunities learn more about the subject matter, develop a wider perspective of the world and a sense of community, gain an understanding of their own abilities, preferences, ambitions, and principles, have the chance to work with a variety of organisations and people, develop positive professional behaviour and technical skills, feel good about helping to meet the needs of the community, and develop their conscience and management skills.

 One of the top learning platforms that excels at experiential learning is Candela Learning. We present the most efficient and interesting learning tool that creates a real-world learning environment. We succeeded in being the first to provide the experiential learning kit to all of our Candles. With Candela’s Experiential Learning Kit, students’ educational and psychological demands are met by elevating learning to a new level. By addressing both the students’ educational requirements and their psychological growth and needs, Candela’s Experiential Learning Kit elevates learning to a new level. For our Candles, we want to support and institutionalise extremely effective learning techniques and habits. With our experiential learning kit, we ensure that each student receives guidance tailored to their specific interests, allowing them to learn more effectively.

Our Experiential Learning Kit is a package of the workbook that provides concise and comprehensive chapter-wise notes with chapter description, exercise, and additional questions; a Candela journal to track their academic progress; a study corner for effective learning; and Candela study stickers that aid in easy memorization.

Setting up a separate study area at home that can keep you focused is crucial for excellent learning. The ability to focus and concentrate better in a designated study space is one of the most important perks. A specialised study site can help your child concentrate and be untainted by distractions, establish a study pattern at a set time and location, assist the child in becoming more organized, and boost their enthusiasm and learning attitude.

Candela Learning has provided a Study Corner in each Candle for effective learning.They read, write, and learn in a quiet, welcoming setting called A Candle’s Study Corner. It should have comfortable seats with adequate illumination and airflow so that a candle won’t get tired of it. A Candle’s Study Corner will be equipped with a variety of materials, including Study Boards for creating a study wall and subject-specific stickers for simple learning.

Now, let’s talk about Candela’s Study Stickers, which are concise explanations of key concepts that should be attached to the study boards in the study corner. With the help of these self-adhesive study stickers, Candles may easily memorise information. As with any other talent, practising often will help us become better at remembering. The stickers should be seen frequently to improve memory. Candles don’t need to invest any more time in editing. Candles are able to directly connect with topics and actively participate in learning. The reader can become swamped by the numerous details presented. It can be fixed by using study stickers that highlight each chapter’s key points.

These are some illustrations of our strategies for experiential learning. We are committed to creating a distinctive blended learning environment that fosters an interesting and real-world learning process. Through our experiential learning approach, we truly believe that we can build a positive environment for a cheerful and intelligent student.

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